Estate and Trust Law

Estate and trust law focuses on the laws of estates and trusts as they affect the fiduciary, beneficiaries, and the assets of the estate and/or trust. Estates are governed by the Texas Probate Code and the probated will, while trusts are governed by the Texas Trust Code and the trust instrument. Issues commonly arising in estate administration and trust administration include the investment of assets, distributions of monies and assets among the beneficiaries, self-dealing by the fiduciary, and the fiduciary's accounting and reporting to the beneficiaries.

The firm represents executors and trustees in claims asserted against them alleging breaches of fiduciary duties. The firm also counsels executors and trustees in regards to the propriety of transactions and the proper steps to minimize disputes with the beneficiaries. Additionally, the firm represents beneficiaries of estates and trusts in compelling accountings from executors and trustees, removing executors and trustees, and prosecuting lawsuits against executors and trustees for breaches of fiduciary duties.